10 reasons to buy an SUV or crossover

SUVs and crossovers dominate the market these days and reasons are numerous. Still, all these reasons are pointing to the same thing, and that is versatility. SUVs and crossovers take the best from various body styles. They look great but they are quite efficient at the same time. Most of them aren’t based on pickup trucks anymore, so they are as comfortable as passenger cars and offer pretty good handling. Finally, you get the amount of space and number of seats you can only get from a minivan, but SUVs and crossovers are much better in many other aspects.

Therefore, we believe that such a vehicle is an excellent choice for most drivers. We present you 10 reasons to buy an SUV or Crossover:

SUV is a cool-looking car

Good-old truck-based SUVs have always looked great, but in order to drive such a cool-looking car, you needed to make compromises in many ways. On the other side, a typical modern crossover SUV looks as great, but it is also more affordable, doesn’t require expensive maintenance and it is more comfortable. So, if you want that cool-factor but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, handling and overall on-road driving experience, a modern SUV is a logical choice.

SUV is better than a wagon

In the past, wagons were the first choice for most families, because of the generous cargo volume. These days, you can get the same or more cargo volume with SUVs and crossovers, and count on many other benefits as well. A typical SUV looks better than a typical wagon. It also features better safety scores and features notably higher ground clearance, which is great if you occasionally go off the road. Furthermore, many SUVs and crossovers come with three rows of seats, which is something you won’t get in any station wagon. Finally, most SUVs are available with all-wheel drive, which isn’t the case with most wagons. Simply, SUVs are much better all-rounders, which in practice means better vehicles than wagons.

Off-road capability

One of the main benefits you get from an SUV, compared to passenger cars, is significantly enhanced off-road capability. Obviously, these vehicles feature much higher ground clearance, which is critical when you’re not on the road. Furthermore, most of them are also available with AWD or 4×4 systems, while some of them even come with a variety of advanced off-road aids. Even a typical unibody crossover can satisfy most drivers in terms of off-roading, while BoF SUVs really shine and they are pretty much on par with pickup trucks.

You can get a great deal

SUVs and crossovers dominate the market and due to such popularity, it’s no wonder that every major carmaker has them in the offer. The competition is fierce, so manufacturers are finding different ways to attract more buyers. Of course, it’s mostly about delivering the best possible value for money, but you may also count on all kinds of great deals, whether it’s about financing, lease or cash back. Simply, this is a way of promotion that pretty much every company practices, so there is always a big chance to make some really great deals.

Safety rating

SUVs are generally much safer compared to other passenger cars and reasons are obvious. Due to a heavier and stiffer construction, they usually feature excellent safety scores on crash tests. Furthermore, most SUVs are available with AWD or 4×4 systems, which means much better traction in non-ideal road conditions. Furthermore, the list of advanced safety systems is impressive. Finally, most people feel safer in SUVs, because they are more robust and much heavier, which is an obvious advantage if you have any basic knowledge of physics.

SUVs are the best vehicles for dog lovers

SUVs are generally very spacious vehicles, with plenty of room not just for people and luggage, but for pets as well. Still, the amount of space isn’t the only dog-friendly thing about these vehicles, as dog owners may get all kinds of accessories, such as a pet barrier or a pet carrier. Furthermore, many manufacturers offer so-called pet-friendly editions, which come with different interior materials that easy to clean and can’t be damaged so easily.

The perfect driving position

SUVs feature a higher driving position compared to sedans and hatchbacks and while that may not be the best position in terms of comfort, such a high position is highly beneficial in the everyday drive. This is a commanding position, which combined with a boxy look ensures excellent visibility. Such great visibility is critical, whether it’s about traffic jams or you are simply looking for a free parking spot. Moreover, such a driving position is great for off-roading as well, as you can see obstacles much better.

SUVs are the best road trip cars

From this aspect, SUVs are highly beneficial in so many ways. First of all, most SUVs are very generous in terms of space, whether it’s about passengers or cargo. Some would say you can get the same thing from a minivan, but SUVs look better, drive better and usually are more comfortable. Moreover, SUVs are usually pretty capable in terms of max towing capacity, so you can tow a trailer with ease.

Improved efficiency

In the past, SUVs were considered as pretty thirsty vehicles, due to heavy body-on-frame construction and large-displacement engines. These days things are completely different. Most SUVs are unibody crossovers, which means they are significantly lighter. This also means that they share engines with passenger cars, which in most cases means small displacement in a combination with a turbocharger, or a pretty efficient hybrid powertrain. Of course, mpg ratings are still lower compared to hatchbacks and sedans, but the margin is significantly smaller than before. Many SUVs can return 30 miles per gallon with ease.

Seating for up to eight passengers

Finally, a great thing about SUVs is that many of them come with three rows of seats. In the past, such design was reserved for full-size SUVs but these days, most mid-size SUVs also come with three rows of seats and capacity for 7 or 8 passengers. Even some compact SUVs are available with the third row, which means you can get a family hauler that is also very efficient and affordable.

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