2020 Isuzu MU-X – The Family-Oriented Mid-Size SUV

2020 Isuzu MU-X Configurations and Price

The Tokyo-based automaker is probably one of the most amazing companies on the market at the moment. This brand is trendy in Australia, perhaps because, well, it is a rebadged Holden. After good sales with the truck, the company will try to repeat the same in the SUV segment with 2020 Isuzu MU-X.

This model will be perfect for families, with an excellent safety feature, comfortable cabin, and outstanding cargo space. Moreover, under the hood will be a 3.0-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, with more than enough power. Now, there’s a lot to talk about. So, let’s take a look at what the Japanese SUV has to offer.

2020 Isuzu MU-X - The Family-Oriented Mid-Size SUV

2020 Isuzu MU-X Design

2020 Isuzu MU-X delivers quite a stunning design of the front end. Moreover, from the side, this SUV looks very smooth and well-designed. But, the proportions and the shapes of the windows could be better. Of course, with the vehicles like the MU-X, it functions first, then the visually attractive elements. Of course, we respect that kind of approach.

Furthermore, you’ll notice the prominent grille and a slightly redesigned front bumper. The rear side is very well-shaped, with subtle contours and lines that provide the smooth form in the back. The brand-new MU-X can accommodate up to seven passengers, and surprisingly, the rear is equally comfortable for the six-foot-tall people as well. The seats are covered in leather, but taking into account that this is primarily the family vehicle, maybe the cloth would be a better solution. All in all, the cabin is not too luxurious, but it is efficient, with an excellent comfort level and safety features.

On top of that, you’ll get 8.2 cubic feet of cargo space, with all seats up. But, if you decide to drop the third row down, you’ll get 31 cubic feet of space, which is pretty awesome. Yet, there’s more. In a wagon mod, 2020 MU-X provides up to 64.6 cubic feet of cargo. Isn’t that impressive and super useful?

Safety Features

2020 Isuzu MU-X provides decent safety for all passengers. The safety suite includes six airbags, ABS, stability/traction control, and general brake-assist technologies. But, there’s room for improvement in this segment as well. For example, we would like to see the Auto Emergency Braking, a feature that alerts a driver to an imminent crash and helps them use the maximum braking capacity of the vehicle. Still, there are things worthy of mention, like the curtain airbags that reach out to the third row.

2020 Isuzu MU-X Interior

Engine, Fuel Consumption

2020 Isuzu MU-X uses a 3.0-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel powertrain, which produces 174 hp and generous 317 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to all four wheels. Or just to the rear ones, in a 4×2 setup.

The AWD is the standard system, but the MU-X features 2H, 4H, and 4L modes as well. The maximum towing capacity of the Japanese SUV is 6,600 pounds. Well, that’s not much, but more than enough for family purposes. The MU-X with the all-wheel-drive setup returns 29 mpg combined.

2020 Isuzu MU-X Configurations and Price

2020 Isuzu MU-X offers three trim levels: LS-M, LS-T, and LS-U. All of these tree versions come with 4×2 or 4×4 configuration. The starting price of the LS-M 4×2 model is $28,900.

The 4×4 variant adds approximately $4,500 to the price on each trim level. Furthermore, LS-T 4×2 comes with a price tag of $33,600. On top of that, LS-U is the most expensive 4×2 MU-X model with a starting price of $36,000.



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