Is 2020 Mercedes GLG Still In the Production Plan?

s 2020 Mercedes GLG Still In the Production Plan

Two years ago, the famous German web site reveals the information regarding the upcoming 2020 Mercedes GLG SUV. But, since then there are not many fresh reports, not even rumors about this vehicle. The GLG model already got the nickname “baby G-Class” in the lineup.

However, looks like that the company will introduce another crossover that could get the GLG name. According to Auto Bild source, a crossover with a GLG moniker is still far from production. To find any kind of reference about this vehicle, you’ll have to go back six years, when the crossover was mentioned as a “baby G-Class” by-product.

2020 Mercedes GLG What We Know About It

2020 Mercedes GLG – What We Know About It

The publication states that the 2020 Mercedes GLG SUV still waits for a production approval of the company. We all know that the famous German automaker knows how to build a new body style without spending too much money on the project. But, as we said earlier, there’s still doubt regarding the production of the GLG model. A lot of time has passed since the report, and we still waiting for some kind of confirmation.

Auto Bild stated that the vehicle doesn’t have a specified time of its development, nor even an internal project code. Also, the publication believes that the GLG could end up as an offshoot of the next-gen GLE crossover for the next season. Yet, these claims are all based on rumors and speculations, and we don’t know what will happen exactly with the GLG. On top of that, there’s a possibility that few pieces of information have been misunderstood in translation.

2020 Mercedes GLG vs Land Rover

2020 Mercedes GLG vs Land Rover Range Rover Sport

If the 2020 Mercedes GLG comes out, its main rival and competitor will be the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. This vehicle has an MSRP of around $66,000. The Range Rover Sport offers excellent off-road performances, luxury interior, and a good amount of standard equipment. Also, the price is affordable, taking into account the size of the vehicle and the high-quality features that provide.

So, if GLG wants to stay competitive with the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, it must include an off-road technology pack, height-adjustable air suspension, and three differential locks. Of course, all of these features must come as part of the standard equipment. The main goal – get as much as possible close to the high-level of the off-road performance qualities of the Range Rover Sport.


The Mercedes GLG production is still a piece of unconfirmed news. There are no prototypes on the streets. The vehicle doesn’t even have a project number. At best, the car is in the conceptual stage at the moment. So, we think that the chances of Mercedes GLG arriving anytime soon are minimal. Dare to say that the GLG model might never come out from the Mercedes plant.

The reason for that opinion is this – it’s been almost two years since we heard something new regarding the model. Also, there is no concept of anything regarding the GLG. On top of that, the German company is busy with the development of new, innovative technology for electric vehicles. At the moment, one or two new cars in production will undoubtedly slow down the research and advances in the developing of the EV technologies.

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