2020 Lotus SUV: Rumors, Expectations, Release Date, Price

2020 Lotus SUV scratch

The iconic British sports car maker has been resisting for a very long time to this crossover-mania but it looks like things are still about to changes. According to the latest reports, the famous company works on a new crossover, which is about to hit the market pretty soon, maybe already as the 2020 Lotus SUV. Not many details about this model are known at the moment, despite that the test mule has been spotted on the road. We presume that Lotus will stick to its recognizable characteristics, which means to be lighter and to offer superior handling compared to competitors. The new model is expected to hit the Chinese market first.

2020 Lotus SUV Render

2020 Lotus SUV Design

As we’ve just mentioned, it is still early to talk about exact details, but the test mule clearly shows this will be a pretty compact crossover. Such dimensions clearly indicate that the British manufacturer is working on something that promises an excellent driving experience. Some reports suggest that the new model will aim performance crossovers like Porsche Macan, though the new 2020 Lotus SUV is about to be significantly lighter, for about 300-400 pounds.

When it comes to the styling, some rendering pictures have already appeared and if we can rely on them, the new SUV will closely stick to the company’s design language. In practice, this means a lot of inspiration from models like Elise and Exige. This means we may expect similar headlights and hood design, as well as a massive bumper, with huge air intakes. The rear end will, on the other side, feature a coupe-like layout, with sloping roof design.


When it comes to interior design, the only thing that seems certain at the moment is that the 2020 Lotus SUV won’t be very spacious. As we’ve just mentioned, the focus will be on the driving experience and weight reduction, so the rear will probably be very tight, not adult-friendly. On the other side, it will definitely feature the biggest cargo area we’ve ever seen from Lotus.

When it comes to the dashboard, most experts count on the company’s typical design approach. This means a driver-oriented cabin, with the dashboard that looks rather simplistic but features hi-quality materials. Still, that doesn’t mean it will lack any advanced technologies. We presume the overall approach will be quite similar to the one we’ve seen on Evora.

Lotus SUV Evora Interior

2020 Lotus SUV Engine and Performances

Without any doubt, this will be one of the best performers among crossovers. The latest reports suggest we will see various powertrain options, starting from gasoline and diesel engines. Of course, we have no doubt one of the engines on the list will be Toyota’s well-known V6, while the same engine could be used for a hybrid version of the new SUV. It’s early to talk about performances, but some sources suggest that standard models will be able to get to 60 mph in about 5 seconds, while the top speed should go around 155 mph. Of course, we count on the AWD layout.

As we already mentioned, the new model will hit the Chinese market first and there is a big chance to see an all-electric version in the offer as well. However, details are still unavailable.

2020 Lotus SUV scratch

2020 Lotus SUV Release Date and Price

Some sources suggest 2020 Lotus SUV could come already by the end of this year. Simply, the British manufacturer wants to stay in the game and to do that, it needs a higher-volume model as soon as possible. When it comes to the price, this will be a hi-end model, so base models could easily go around 100.000 dollars.

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