2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara 7-Seater SUV: Comeback News

2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara 7-seater SUV Comeback News

A brand-new 2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara 7-seater SUV will return next year, as a replacement for the discontinued JT-series model. The main change is that the Vitara SUV will grow a bit in dimensions so that it can be able to accommodate up to seven passengers. Although the CEO of Suzuki in the recent interview avoids giving the official announcement regarding the return of the Vitara, he stated that that the Japanese company usually sticks with the nameplates to the end.

Therefore, we can expect that is the case with one of the brand’s most popular models. Furthermore, Mr Michael Pachote says that based on his information, he thinks that Vitara has a future under Suzuki Motor Corporation. Indeed, there’s a place for a Suziku’s compact crossover on the market. Besides, the company needs to get back in the game. But, it will take more additional time to develop a good SUV which will be able to compete with Honda CR-V, and Mitsubishi Outlander, among others.

2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara - What to Expect

2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara – What To Expect

Last time we saw the Suzuki model in the compact crossover class was back in 2005, with the XL-7. Now, 15 years later, the 2021 Grand Vitara will enter the segment with larger dimensions and significant changes. On top of that, unlike the rest of the division, the 7-seater SUV well offers the excellent off-road capability. In a way, the new model will keep Suzuki’s off-road legacy. Also, Mr Pachote mentioned that the customers could get some hint just by looking at the name of the vehicle.

Of course, we expect only the finest from the car with a “Grand” nameplate. But, will the fans of XL-7 like the upcoming 7-seater SUV? We assume that it depends on a lot of things. First, the company must provide the right amount of technology updates. The market is based on compact crossovers with very comfortable interiors and outstanding tech features. Next, the performance and the fuel economy must be on the same level, if not even better than the other Japanese vehicles.

The previous Grand Vitara was built on a ladder-frame chassis. However, it is still unknown will the upcoming SUV will keep the same underpinnings. The company might decide to go for the front-wheel-drive based platform, which is used on the Vitara small SUV.

2021 Suzuki Grand Vitara Release Date and Price

Release Date and Price

The official release date of 2021 Suzuki Vitara 7-seater SUV is not yet announced. One thing is for sure, though – the upcoming model will be available for the Australian market. Also, Vitara will go on sale in Russia and India as well. As for the rest of the markets, the return is still uncertain.

As for the price, the details are unknown as well. We assume that Suzuki’s compact crossover will come with a starting price of around $25,000. That price range is in level with competitors like Honda CR-V, or Mazda CX-5. Also, the Vitara will probably offer a couple of trim levels. Of course, please expect that the higher trims will add more expensive equipment, but it will cost more than the entry-level.


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