2024 Audi Q9: New Flagship SUV on the Horizon

2024 Audi Q9 render

The automotive industry is abuzz with anticipation as Audi, the renowned German automaker, prepares to introduce its latest creation, the 2024 Audi Q9. Positioned as the brand’s flagship luxury SUV, the Q9 aims to captivate discerning customers seeking a blend of opulence, performance, and versatility.

The 2024 Audi Q9 should represent an exciting addition to the Audi lineup, poised to become the brand’s flagship luxury SUV. With its captivating design, luxurious interior, impressive performance, and advanced technologies, the Q9 aims to cater to discerning customers seeking the pinnacle of automotive excellence. As Audi unveils further details about this highly anticipated model, automotive enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to experience the 2024 Audi Q9 firsthand.

2024 Audi Q9

2024 Audi Q9 Design

Early reports suggest that the 2024 Audi Q9 will exhibit Audi’s latest design language, characterized by elegant lines, a prominent front grille, and sleek LED headlights. While specific details remain scarce, the Q9 is expected to exude an aura of sophistication, with an assertive stance and distinctive visual cues that distinguish it from its stablemates.

What’s more important at this moment is that the new flagship SUV will use conventional design solutions. It won’t lean toward electrification, so it will be based on a good-old MLB platform, which already underpins models like Q7 and Q8, which will be the closest siblings of the new full-size SUV. Of course, as a flagship model, the Q9 will come with various upgrades in terms of the chassis and suspension setup, even though the aforementioned mid-size SUVs are already pretty impressive in these aspects.


One of the hallmarks of Audi vehicles is their exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious interiors. The Q9 is likely to follow suit, offering a spacious and meticulously crafted cabin. While accommodating up to seven passengers across three rows, the Q9 will pamper occupants with sumptuous seating, premium materials, and advanced comfort features. Expect the integration of cutting-edge technologies and driver-assistance systems to elevate the driving experience to new heights.

Of course, the key benefit of such a large vehicle will be passenger space and overall comfort. Audi already has a three-row SUV in its lineup, the Q7, but that model isn’t particularly generous with space. The third row is tight, while the cargo area is small. That should be fixed with the new 2024 Audi Q9, which should be pretty similar to rivals in this aspect, rivals like BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

2024 Audi Q9 spy shot

Audi has long been at the forefront of automotive technology, and the 2024 Q9 is expected to push boundaries even further. The SUV is likely to feature Audi’s latest infotainment system, complete with a high-resolution touchscreen, intuitive controls, and seamless smartphone integration. Advanced driver-assistance systems, including lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and automated emergency braking, are also expected to enhance safety and convenience.

2024 Audi Q9 Engines

While concrete information about the powertrain options is not available, industry insiders suggest that the 2024 Audi Q9 will offer a range of engine choices, including gasoline, diesel, and possibly hybrid variants. Audi’s commitment to performance is expected to shine through, delivering robust power, refined handling, and a smooth driving experience. Advanced drivetrain technologies may also be employed to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Now, let’s translate this into useful information: we presume that base models will rely on a 3.0-liter V6. Currently, this engine puts our 335 horsepower, but we might see some slight power increase for this occasion. Higher trim levels would come with the well-known 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which would be offered in different output variants, including high-output versions, reserved for SQ9 and RS Q9 models, we presume. Finally, we should see hybrid variants on offer. Audi already has a couple of hybrids, based on a V6 engine. The more powerful variant is good for about  450 horsepower and that model could easily find its place in the new flagship SUV. Moreover, we could also see a V8-based hybrid, something that already powers models like Porsche Cayenne and Bentley Bentayga.

2024 Audi Q9 spy photo

2024 Audi Q9 Release Date and Price

While sources suggest that the 2024 Audi Q9 is on the horizon, specific details regarding its release date and pricing are yet to be confirmed. Audi enthusiasts and luxury SUV aficionados eagerly await further announcements from the manufacturer, as anticipation for the Q9 continues to grow. We presume that the new model could arrive already in the next year. The price would be similar to rivals, which means that base versions would probably cost slightly under 80.000 dollars.

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