Volvo XC100 Flagship SUV: To Be Launched By 2023

Volvo XC100 Flagship SUV To Be Launched By 2023

The famous Swedish company is developing a brand-new electric variant of the compact luxury crossover SUV XC40. According to the reports, this model will be ready for the release later this year. But that’s not the only exciting news from the Volvo. The company executives announce the expansion plans, which include developing several SUV models in the following year. One of the forthcoming vehicles will be the flagship SUV – Volvo XC100. The Swedish automaker record outstanding sales in 2019. More than 400,000 cars were sold worldwide.

Now, the company wants to maintain high sales by introducing new and improved models in the lineup. Volvo has a couple of solutions to keep the sales number and profit growth. One way might be the addition of a range-topping SUV to the lineup. This model will go above XC90. Also, another solution is adding an entry-level vehicle in the crossover segment, which will be positioned below the XC40. Recently, Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson stated that the company is currently considering adding cars in a new section to their range.

To quote Mr. Samuelsson: “We are not excluding the idea of additions, especially in very core segments like the SUV. I think we are looking into this possibility now. But, don’t exclude the idea that there might be a bigger one, but maybe also a smaller one. We will surprise you about that in the future.” So, we expect that the following year will be fascinating, and we’re looking forward to news from Gothenburg.

Volvo XC100 Will Ride On a New Platform

Volvo XC100 Will Ride On a New Platform

Taking into account the automaker’s plans for the future, it seems very likely that the Volvo XC100 will be the flagship of the next-gen SUVs. This model will probably be ready for sales by 2023. The production of this model is a very logical move since Volvo is already developing the second generation of its very own, large-car platform – the SPA2. The current platform, called the SPA, underpins all ’60 and ’90-series vehicles.

However, it’s not capable of carrying much larger models, more significant than the ongoing XC90. So, the SPA2 will be built to support cars that are up to 216 inches long (around 5.5 meters). Therefore, it will be perfectly suitable for the XC100. The company’s upcoming flagship SUV will be a combination of higher-end engines from the lineup, with entry-level editions. Besides, the XC100 will probably use a high-powered petrol-based mild-hybrid setup as well.

Also, we expect to see alternatives like plug-in hybrid and pure-electric setup. With all said, the arrival of the brand-new SPA2 Platform for Volvo’s larger vehicles will provide the XC100 chance to stood against BMW X7, Mercedes GLS, and even the full-size Range Rover.

Volvo Scalable Product Architecture

When Is The Flagship SUV Is Expected?

Volvo’s flagship SUV, the XC100, will make a mark on the growing market like the United States and China. But, the company expects that, once this model is out of the plant, it will draw the attention of potential buyers worldwide. So, the XC100 plays a crucial role in strengthening the company’s brand around the world. Taking into account Volvo’s pricing strategy, and adding more expensive engines, the starting price will probably be around $104,500 (94,000€). The XC100 will be launched by 2023.

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