2021 Dacia Duster EV – Most Affordable All-Electric SUV

2021 Dacia Duster EV - Most Affordable All-Electric SUV (1)

2021 Dacia Duster is probably one of the most affordable electric vehicles in Europe. Recently, Renault announced its plan of releasing budget-friendly electric compact sport utility vehicle, under its Dacia nameplate. Of course, when it comes to electrification, the French company is one of the most experienced mainstream carmakers. So, it won’t be a surprise if the Romanian brand will benefit as ell from this partnership.

Also, the automaker will launch brand-new all-electric Twingo Z.E. by the end of the following year. However, the electric Duster will be available sometime in 2021, or 2022. Moreover, the leaked spy photos show us a little bit of the Duster’s design language. The upcoming model will carry the body of a first-generation Duster SUV. The 2021 Duster comes with a special EV platform, with a flat package of batteries mounted under the seats.

2021 Dacia Duster EV Engine, Driving Range, Price

2021 Dacia Duster EV Dimensions, Design

The French automaker calls the forthcoming EV “Dacia Urban city car”. The name is very suitable, taking into account the dimensions of 2021 Duster. Well, in terms of size, the Dacia’s electric SUV will be positioned below the Sandero subcompact. But, there’s been some indication that the electric Duster could end up as a rebranded version of the Renault City K-ZE, a China-exclusive all-electric crossover.

Well, these rumors might prove true. The K-ZE ( the electric variant of the Renault Kwid) already comes with a similar appearance as the Dacia, indicating that the design is suitable to carry both Renault’s diamond badge and the famous “bottle cap opener” badge design of the Dacia. Besides the longer and wider body, the upcoming EV will include a roll cage, racing seats, and studded tires. Also, the front wheels feature massive Brembo-branded brakes and the rear wheels come with Alpine-branded calipers.

2021 Dacia Duster EV Spy Shots

Engine, Driving Range, and Price

Under the hood of electric 2021 Dacia Duster will be a 45-hp 92 pound-feet electric motor and a 26.8 kWh battery pack. The same setup could be found in the China-only K-ZE model. The maximum speed is 65 mph (105 km/h). As for the driving range, the NEDC cycle rating is 168 miles (271 km). But, these figures will probably decrease to approximately 124 miles (200 km), with the new WLPT test procedure.

Besides the Duster EV, the company will bring the K-ZE model to Europe as well. But, it won’t be built in Romania. Instead, the vehicle will be produced in China and shipped back to Europe. As for the price, the Duster will definitely undercut the competition. The starting price of the automaker’s first EV will be around $16,300 (€15,000). For example, one of the main rivals the Volkswagen e-Up! costs $21,700 (around €20,000).

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