2021 Ferrari Purosangue SUV: Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Ferrari Purosangue SUV Release Date, Price and Specs

It might sound odd, but a famous Italian automaker is developing and true, genuine SUV. Yes, that’s right – in the near future, we will see 2021 Ferrari Purosangue SUV. The brand’s first-ever SUV will use a turbocharged V8 engine with hybrid assistance, which will be able to produce 650 hp. Although the company is closely connected to the motorsports, there’s always room to explore other markets.

So, after the Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Lamborghini Urus we will see Ferrari’s answer as well. The Maranello-based company will use a nameplate Purosangue, which stands for “pure blood”. Therefore, expect to see the high-performance vehicle, with recognizable styling and premium interior features, ass in every Ferrari’s model. But, the premium features often come with a hefty price. The Purosange will have a starting price of $350,000. The upcoming vehicle will include a new front-engine GT platform, that will underpin the more traditional Ferrari grand tourers.

2021 Ferrari Purosangue Release Date and Price

2021 Ferrari Purosangue New Platform And Styling

The forthcoming 2021 Ferrari Purosangue will use a brand-new platform, the same one from the Roma Concept. Still, the dimensions and overall shape of the SUV are a mystery to the automotive experts. But, the company announced that the SUV would be high-riding SUV or FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle). Furthermore, if the Purosangue will copy the Roma Concept, then expect to see a coupe-like body and futuristic design language.

The Italian carmaker describes its first-ever SUV as a genuine family car. Also, the new model will include a flat-bottom steering wheel with Alcantara and leather upholstery. As for the rest of the cabin, there’s no much info regarding the interior. Surely, we will see some Roma Concept influences here as well. We expect that the Purosange will come with a similar dash design and the center console. Also, the higher trims will include an even bigger screen. On top of that, there will be two smaller displays for the passengers in the back.

2021 Ferrari Purosangue New Platform and Styling

Engine Specs

Even though Ferrari’s GT often comes with a 12-cylinder engine, we expect that 2021 Ferrari Purosangue will switch to a smaller turbocharged mill. Under the hood of the SUV will probably be a V8 powertrain, with a significant portion of hybrid assistance. But, expect to see V6 and V12 units as well. Furthermore, with the available rear-mounted transaxle, it will be reasonable for the front axle to be electrically powered.

The Purosangue will probably deliver a similar amount of power like Lamborghini Urus. So, expect to see around 641 hp. The Italian carmaker will continue to develop a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 unit. But, the electrification of V12 engines means developing another heavy vehicle. So, the company will try to pair electric mills to some smaller car than the upcoming Purosngue. Therefore, Ferrari announces that the fully-electric vehicle is not yet in the production plan.

2021 Ferrari Purosangue Engine Specs

2021 Ferrari Purosangue Release Date and Price

2021 Ferrari Purosangue will arrive in the dealerships in the first few months of 2021. The starting price will be around $350,000. The arriving SUV will use a company’s new platform, previously launched for the Roma GT model.

The automaker’s goal is to try to develop different technologies to use them with the necessary evolution and embracing the market trends. As a result, the Purosangue will probably come with a wide range of powertrains. Undoubtedly, the SUV will offer V12 and V8 mills, and shortly the V6 engine as well.

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