2022 Honda Element Rumors, Expectations, Release date, Interior

2022 Honda Element rumors

It’s been a full decade since the discontinuation of this small cubby crossover, which made a pretty good start on the market in 2003 but eventually faded out. However, that didn’t stop people from spreading out rumors about the comeback, which can be found even today. At this point, the officials are still quiet but if we want to follow what rumors say, the comeback model could easily come already as the 2022 Honda Element.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t sound much likely, but that can’t stop us from making predictions and speculating about the possible new model. Of course, it’s not hard to presume that the overall design approach would be pretty much the same as in the case of the original model but things are a little bit more complicated than they were at the time when the original model was launched.

2022 Honda Element featured

2022 Honda Element Design and Positioning

If the Japanese manufacturer is willing to bring back this crossover, we have no doubt it would use the same recipe in terms of base design characteristics. This would mean that the 2022 Honda Element would be a typical subcompact crossover in terms of the wheelbase. On the other side, its cubby shape would make it more practical compared to rivals, while such a layout also plays an important role in terms of visual appeal. Mechanically, we have no doubt that this model would rely on other subcompact models from Honda, such as Honda Jazz and HR-V.

The only problem with such a scenario lays in the fact that Honda’s lineup is already pretty crowded. Compared to the time when the original model was launched, Honda now offers the aforementioned HR-V, which already makes some pretty decent sales numbers, much better than the Element was ever able to record. That’s one of the main reasons why experts don’t believe in the 2022 Honda Element’s comeback.

Styling and Exterior Design

Of course, styling would remain one of the model’s trademarks. The original version features a super boxy layout that provided not just excellent interior practicality, but also a pretty unique appearance. We presume that the new 2022 Honda Element would come with a similar styling approach, but packed in a modern layout. Does this mean borrowing some styling elements from the rest of the lineup? It’s hard to say. We presume some styling solutions could be borrowed from the Honda Odyssey minivan.

When it comes to exterior dimensions, we presume that the new model would grow up for a bit. The original model was good for about 101.4 inches but we presume that the 2022 Honda Element would be good for about 103 inches, if not even more. Of course, an increase in other dimensions should happen as well.

2022 Honda Element


Of course, the first thing about the 2022 Honda Element interior that comes to mind is interior practicality and space. Thanks to the boxy shape, this model would be able to combine great maneuverability with a spacious interior, which is something that’s really hard to get in today’s automotive industry. We count on a decent amount of legroom, while the headroom will certainly be impressive in both rows. Furthermore, the cargo area should offer class-leading numbers. More than that, the boxy design will be extremely friendly to large objects.

Besides the high level of practicality, the 2022 Honda Element should also offer a nice-looking interior. We expect to see a typical Honda quality in terms of materials and fit&finish but on the other side, there’s a big chance to see a little bit different dashboard design compared to the rest of the lineup. Simply, we would expect something that follows the exterior design in terms of aesthetics.

2022 Honda Element rumors

2022 Honda Element Engines

We don’t expect to see surprises under the hood of the 2022 Honda Element. Instead, we count on two familiar engine options in the offer. Base versions would probably use a good-old 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated inline-four, which puts out around 158 horsepower. That should be enough for daily commuting and decent dynamics. On the other side, we presume that more ambitious drivers would have a choice of a 1.5-liter turbo-four, which puts out 190 horsepower and offers some pretty impressive driving dynamics.

Both engines would probably come in pair with a CVT gearbox.

2022 Honda Element Release Date and Price

The 2022 Honda Element is just a rumor at this point and the actual chances to see it on the market are small. If it eventually arrives, we presume that base models would go somewhere between 20.000 and 25.000 dollars.

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