2023 BMW X8 M: More Than Rumor?

2023 BMW X8 M renderr

Rumors about the coupe SUV in full-size proportions have been circulating for years. That’s no wonder if we consider that the Bavarian carmaker filled a trademark back in 2017. Since then, we are getting all kinds of reports that all suggest a similar thing, a coupe SUV that would be a new flagship model in the brand’s lineup. According to the latest reports, the new model will come already in the next year and, of course, we also expect to see the 2023 BMW X8 M, which would be a high-performance version of the SUV.

Although the officials are still quiet, it’s relatively easy to predict the base design characteristics of the new crossover. Of course, most of the parts would be shared with the X7. In this particular case, it would be shared with the Alpina XB7, which would borrow pretty much complete mechanics, including the engine.

2023 BMW X8 M renderr
Image Source: CarBuzz

2023 BMW X8 M Design

In terms of the overall design, we expect that the 2023 BMW X8 M will follow the philosophy of the standard model. This would mean the same overall layout, which will take a lot of inspiration from the X7, but which will also come with lots of exclusive details. We would see the same front-end design, which was updated last year and features a bolder and more aggressive appearance, with narrowed headlights, a more massive grille etc.

Of course, the 2023 BMW X8 M would come with lots of its own, exclusive design solutions. First of all, we would see all kinds of mechanical upgrades, starting from new brakes, suspension upgrades, chassis reinforcements etc. Furthermore, we would expect to see things like new bumpers, bigger wheels with low-profile tires, exclusive color options etc.


The same thing is with the interior design, at least when it comes to the dashboard. The dashboard would look the same as in the odd-numbered sibling, which was significantly updated last year. The new iteration looks more modern, thanks to the new, massive infotainment and instrument screens, which takes inspiration directly from the all-electric iX. As we are talking about the M-badged models, various upgrades are expected, starting from the exclusive color schemes and materials and more standard equipment.

2023 BMW X8 M Interior

Although a full-size crossover, the new X8 would come with two rows of seats. We would expect to see a level of comfort that’s on par with models from Rolls Royce and Maybach, which means that the second row would offer tremendous amounts of legroom. On the other hand, the cargo area would certainly be negatively affected by the sloping roof and coupe design in general.

2023 BMW X8 M Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, we count on the same engine as in the XB7, which was recently updated and gained more power. The engine now puts out around 630 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. Also, this 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 now features a new, improved cooling system, which should also have an impact on the overall performance. The engine comes paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking of performances, this SUV would offer a lot. The 0-60 time would go under 4 seconds, while the top speed should go around 180 mph.

Some sources also speculate about the hybrid powertrain. Allegedly, the 2023 BMW X8 M would feature a plug-in hybrid setup, based on the V8 engine, with a max output of 750 horsepower.

2023 BMW X8 M Render Carbuzz
Image Source: CarBuzz

2023 BMW X8 M Release Date and Price

If we can trust the latest reports, there’s a big chance to see the 2023 BMW X8 M already in the next year. We estimate that the starting price would go around 155.000 dollars.

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